World-class wingshooting and our distinctive guest service combined to turn your trip into the hunting experience of a lifetime…. We specialize in non-stop high volume wing shooting. We specialize in unforgettable shooting memories.

Our story

It all began in 2000 being just 21 years old… Generations of men in the family sharing the same passion towards the same activity: hunting.

From my paternal grandfather with whom I could not share in life, only the endless memories transmitted by my father… From the best moments of my hunting life with my father to TATA VILLAFAÑE, my unique and unforgettable hunting guide and my great uncle JUAN CARLOS PAVCOVICH, distinguished taxidermist and great hunter… They all made a significant contribution to my passion.

My journey in this field started in 1998 with my father´s loss. Needs… teaching… a new world to be faced … and a couple of premises: dream and do. This way I plunged into the hunting world, not as a hobby now, but with the growing idea it becomes my economical support and career.

I started by creating a web page to get to be known and my first customers arrived. A group of Chileans at my first hunting location in LA PARA, Córdoba. I hired the services of a local guide and his wife, Johnny and Kari. They helped me a lot at that very beginning but I knew it would all be my task the following day.

And then a second group from Ecuador arrived, and a third one from the USA, and in 2002 I was building my first lodge in Arroyito. From there on good luck, dreams and sacrifice were my companions along this life journey. Journey I have shared with LA FLACA, my great life companion, since 1997. The great unknown hostess behind every detail at the lodges. Mother of Milagros and Juanita.

From La Para to Arroyito and then SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO where we are waiting for you to share unforgettable hunting moments with your family and friends…


Our team

The ones behind every detail

Guide manager & host

Owner lodge manager

Sales Manager & Trip coordinator

Guide & host

Guide & host

House staff

Lodge chef

Bird boys’ leader