Santiago del Estero has an estimated population of 20 million eared doves constantly increasing, exceeding today the hunting quality Córdoba offered 20 years ago.

In addition, in 2014 the Wildlife & Fauna Department established a law assigning 30 miles of land for exclusive use of each outfitter to guarantee the species conservation, what results in the most amazing number of doves ever imagined for a bird shooting experience.

The Eared Dove, a fast-flying one, is almost identical to the North American Mourning Dove, being their main difference that the eared dove flies all day long, what ensures non-stop shooting.

On a typical day any time of the year, an experienced hunter can shoot up to 2,000 rounds, mainly fly shoot.

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Golden “dorado” fishing

Due to the adrenalin it generates, golden dorado fishing has turned into one of the most sought-after freshwater activities in South America.

Though usually confused due to its name or aspect, the Golden “Dorado” is not a Salmon or a Mahi Mahi. The Salminus maxillosus or brasiliensis, often referred to as the “River Tiger”, is considered one of the most aggressive freshwater species on the planet. It inhabits the tropical basins of South America. It typically ranges from 5 to 10 pounds. It is a quick swimmer. Unpredictable and wary, always offers a tough fight, striking baits fiercely with its razor teeth while it jumps high and jerks hard.

You can experience the best golden “dorado” fishing on the wide fast-flowing Río Dulce with us.

Wet fly, spinning or bait. 2 fishermen + 1 guide per cata raft. Just 20’ from our dove lodges.

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Argentine Blue-Grey and Pica Zuro are the species hunted in Santiago. They have a wing-span of over 26 inches, longer than a Blue Wing Teal.

They are fast and hard to hunt, and can be found in great numbers near groves as well as over grain fields. The use of decoys is allowed and it enables an effective and successful shooting in all seasons, especially spring and fall

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The duck hunting takes place in a marshy area located ninety minutes South of our dove lodges, home to 12 beautiful duck species, nearly all of which are only found in South America. The variety of teals increases or decreases according to water level and weather conditions.

Once at the hunting spot, hunters are taken by boat to the other side of the river and set in  blinds before dawn. Due to the surroundings and hunting conditions, this is a very exciting adventure highly enjoyable by shooters.

Daily bag limit of 25 ducks per hunter.

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Argentinian plains are a well known destination for partridge hunting in South America. These birds inhabit grasslands and dried bushes and are caught over breed trained pointing dogs. 

Inambú and Montaraz are the most common partridges in our area. During the day they move quickly through grass and bushes in search of food, alone or in pairs.

The hunting is mainly performed in alfalfa fields at no more than 60 minutes from the lodges, with a professional guide and a dog every two hunters.

This hunting requires a physical condition which is good enough to face an average walk of two hours.

The Hunting season runs from May 1st to July 30th and the daily bag limit is 8 to 10 per hunter.

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«Charatas» are native birds, similar to pheasants in size, and as clever as turkeys. They inhabit open groves of trees and move quickly in flocks, communicating with each other through a complex system of sounds.

Hunters can either shoot charatas from blinds, or just walk into the groves looking for them. Bird boys will help learn about these curious birds’ habits in order to find them and enjoy a different experience.

Wingshooting Unlimited is the only outfitter offering this hunting in the region. Daily bag limit 10 per hunter.

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